Editor viewport doesn't look as good as static mesh viewport. (4.26.2)

I’m trying to get the editor viewport to look exactly like the “static mesh” viewport does. However my object is very dark, almost black, compared to the static mesh viewport which more closely resembled the nice look I see from Substance Painters viewport.

In the “static mesh” viewport I turned off Post Processing and turned off the directional light. So only the Sky Light is illuminating the view.

I tried doing that in the editor viewport. I added a post processing volume, set to infinite, and set the min and max exposure to 1 to turn off eye adaptation. I added a skylight, set to illuminate from an HDRI. I chose the same HDRI the static mesh viewport is using. The Editor looks very dark though with no nice bounce lighting. I added a sphere reflection capture and still no joy.

how about adding a directional light in the viewport.

set the min and max exposure to 1 to turn off eye adaptation

The Editor looks very dark

These are related

Hey thank you both for the replies. It helped.

I also found that clearing out the environment cube map from the static mesh editor helped.

1 ?? no neutral is 0 !