Editor game view is crisp, runtime is blurry?


I’m having trouble figuring out why my game looks clean, clear, and crisp (in terms of graphics) when I’m in the Editor viewing the game. But as soon as I press “Play” in the editor, and start playing my game, the game becomes pretty blurry. Below are some pictures trying to show what I mean. I’ve tried deleting the “post-process” object that comes default with the template, but that didn’t help any. I’m using the “Third-person Code” project template if that even matters.

Here are the pics:


Blurry in runtime

If you don’t see any difference try focusing on the “Cyclops” character specifically. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Check out the post process volume and see if Screen Percentage is 100.

Edit: Go to Quick Settings > Engine Scalability Settings and set resolution scale to 100 if it isnt already.

That did the trick. Thank you so much. My game looks epic again :smiley: