Editor crashes every time I select the Lightmap Density visualisation.

I’ve tried this on different maps and different engine versions, I have no idea whats causing it - I can’t post on the answerhub as my account is bugged and I get an error message when I try to log on. I’m at a bit of a loss at the minute, has anyone encountered this before? I installed a completely new engine version and still have this problem.

Never mind, allow static lighting was turned off in my project settings, fixed.

Hi All…I have come across this post as this is the exact thing happening to me and trust me it is darn frustrating! I have a massive machine so know it’s not memory, I do have Static Lighting switched on in my project settings. I can’t even move around in the scene without it crashing. I’m using UE24.3 as the studio I work for is using V24 for all projects at the moment. Any one else got any clues or similar problems to this? It is frustrating when you are trying to check your lightmaps on mesh of an entire house and you’re having constant crashes.