Editor Crash with Forward Rendering

The editor Crash continuosly.

Is imposible to work with it.

The error is:
Fatal error: [File:D:\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\Materials\MaterialShared.cpp] [Line: 1803] Couldn’t find Shader TBasePassPSFCachedPointIndirectLightingPolicySkylight for Material Resource FloorPlaneMaterial! RenderMeshShaderMap 1, RenderThreadShaderMap 1 GameMeshShaderMap 1, GameThreadShaderMap 1, bShaderWasFoundInGameShaderMap 0 With VF=FLocalVertexFactory, Platform=PCD3D_SM5 ShouldCache: Mat=1, VF=1, Shader=0 MaterialUsageDesc: LightingModel=MSM_DefaultLit, BlendMode=BLEND_Opaque, SpecialEngine=0, TwoSided=0, TSNormal=1, Masked=0, Distorted=0, WritesEveryPixel=1, ModifiesMeshPosition=0, Usage={bUsedWithStaticLighting}

Steps to reproduce:

Create a new project. Go to Project Settings, set Forward Shading enable. Save the project. Close it and reopen it.

You can observe which the project double the time to open the project. When open it, go to Project Settings and the crash will occurs. Multiple times the editor didn’t pass the 45%. With porting a 4.19 project it opens with forward rendering. But crash in the Project Settings.

I was able to reproduce it in multiples machines.

I debug a bit, is a problem with starter content. Without it, all run smooth.