Editor Convert to Actor

You are aware that AStaticMeshActor is just so you can freely place UStaticMeshComponents on level without need of making blueprint just for dead static mesh? If you want to make your own actor with model you extend AActor and add UStaticMeshComponent in to it,

Good evening,

I have created my class which extends from AStaticMeshActor (class PROTOTYPE_API AMyActor : public AStaticMeshActor), next I went to the starter map, and I used the editor to convert each mesh to AMyActor.
The problem is, when I use C++ get the Mesh’s class name on collision, it keeps telling me its a “StaticMeshComponent” and not a “AmyActor”.
What exactly is wrong? How can I make it so the output is “AMyActor” (or at least, its class)?

Thanks mate, will take a look into it ^^

Actually I found at least 3 different ways to do this, with all due respect , your information is not correct. Anyway thank you for the reply and taking the time.