Editing one material for vertex painting


So I am trying my luck on vertex painting since I want to make a wooden cross look burned to some certain places.
I am painting the burned material over the wooden one and so far that has worked smoothly.

But the catch is that I have added an emissive color to the burned material so that it will have some orange glowing spots and it will look more realistic.

If I connect the orange color to the ‘emissive color’ socket of the log, obviously it will apply it to both materials.
What I have been trying to do is apply that only to the burned wood material.

I really need an expert on this one because nothing have worked so far.
I have also attached screenshots for both materials separately.

Thank you a lot.

OK I actually think I just found the solution with a bit of experimenting.

I added a Lerp node and put the emessive color on A and the texture of the wood material (the one that isn’t supposed to have an emission) on B.
That actually adds a little bit of emession to the B texture too as expected but there was a simple solution to that.
I added a Multiply and a Constant node to B before I connected it to the Lerp and it removed the emission from the wood material.
It may look like a mess but this is the final result.