Editing Nav Mesh Bounds Volume

Hey there,

just trying to setup where VR users can navigate in my factory and was wondering if there was a way to edit the Nav Mesh Bounds Volume since I’m having issues where walkways don’t join up, or areas just shouldn’t be accessable (eg can’t navigate onto pipes as seen in my screenshot below).

Any help is appreciated.


Use Nav Modifier Volume for that.

Once placed in world, change it’s class and rebuild.


Each type has a popup info description.

Don’t forget, Nav Volumes have to intersect real surfaces that will be used for Nav Mesh generation.

Thanks for that S-ed,

that worked for removing areas (ie I used Null), but for adding it doesn’t seem to be working (ie I’ve used None and Default following what you said above).

Also how do I rebuild? I’ve turned on “Rebuild on Load” for the “RecastNavMesh”, is that it?

Sorry first time setting this up.

It should automatically rebuild on each mesh reposition. Option for that:

  • Settings → Project Settings → Navigation System → Auto Create Navigation Data

But You could do that manually by:

  • Build → Build Paths

Seems in Your case the issue is that area is to narrow for walking. As You could see vertical windows frame columns cutting the path as well.

To tweak those You need to change project’s Nav Settings:

  • Settings → Project Settings → Navigation Mesh
  • Agent Radius (the radius of capsule that should fit to make path walkable)
  • Cell size (minimum size of the cell when navmesh octree is tesselating)
  • Max Simplification Error (approximation level, lower the value - denser the mesh)

Make sure Your meshes have proper Collision presets:


To view Nav Mesh in editor hit ‘P’. Or in Viewport “View → Navigation”.

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Thanks for that S-ed that solved it, also along with the fact that I had accidentally forgotten to add the collision object for that particular part of the walkway (sigh).

Thanks once again!

Thanks for that S-ed,

that worked! Also didn’t help that I had stuffed up my collision object for the floor.