Editing Blueprints with Touchscreen?

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to edit blueprints with my surface book?
I got this idea when I was playing While True: learn on steam.

I don’t expect to run the full engine on my surface book, but was wondering if I could somehow get my desktop to run the engine and enable remote desktop with my surface book to use it’s touch screen to script blueprints. I think this would be interesting and also a fun way to program in general.

Has anyone tried this? does it work? if so, what’s the experience like?

That’s not going to work, there’s no remote connection systems that support touch input, the only thing it would send is mouse clicks, so your touch input would only end up as a single button click.

why not just run the engine on the SB? if all you are doing is blueprinting it should easily do it. i use my SB2 to do photogrammetry, zbrush and blueprinting out in the field, building BPs hardly uses any resources.