EditCondition meta with ENUM in 4.23

Can anyone explain how to use a new feature in 4.23 adding ENUMs to EditCondition, please? I haven’t found any info on documentation yet.

I found the solution, after the 4.23 version was officialy released. May it will help someone.
From 4.23 release notes:

The EditCondition meta tag now accepts nearly any valid C++ expression. For example, here is a valid property definition after this change:

UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category=EditCondition, meta=( EditCondition="IntegerEditCondition >= 5" ))

Additional examples of valid expressions:

MyInteger > 5 && MyFloat <= 10
MyEnum == EnumType::B
MyBool == true || MyInteger == MyFloat + 5

This actually works, thx a lot!