@editable variable is crashing my project (81% project crash)

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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

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I have had an editable list of a custom class in one of my verse scripts for a bit, this had other devices linked to the creative device for a while without a problem. Recently I went to add in a feature and i had to add another @editable variable inside of the class and this crashed UEFN. I can no longer go inside of my project with this bug as it crashed on the 81% mark. The only way I can enter the project is by adding an error inside of the verse file then try to open the project. I have removed the script that cause the problem in the first place and it still crashes.

Steps to Reproduce

This does not happen every time. The culprit is the editable list of a class with editable properties.

  1. Edit verse code
  2. Build code

Expected Result

The code should build, there are no errors.

Observed Result

If there is an error UEFN will not crash, but if there is no error UEFN will crash and the project will refuse to reopen.


PC Windows 11, UEFN verse

You’re probably getting a cyclical reference where the devices see each other and so OnBegin’s forever.
What you can do is create your class without it being a creative device and then just put the class editable inside another creative device (have 1 device that holds the classes and that way everything can communicate through it) or you can use an optional editable.


Then in order to use it you would do:

    if(MyClass:=MaybeMyClass?): # <- Resolves the optional

This is not the case, I am aware of these errors and already have a main device that deals with this. After all, doesn’t this just crash the session and not uefn?

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Hard to say, I think its probably circumstantial. I have UEFN crash sometimes when placing a prop :person_shrugging:

Do you happen to be referencing an asset reflected file? Only other thing i can think of.

What do you mean by asset reflected file? Do you mean scripts that reference assets like images? I do, but I haven’t touched those in a while.

Asset reflection is likely on by default (I presume it is at least) and can cause problems a lot of the time.
What happens is if two files have the same name in asset reflected folders and they get used I believe that can cause this issue, but I’m not sure it’s been a while, prefix all my files and have strict naming conventions now. It’s a pain but its good habits so, as with all things… it is what it is :sweat_smile:

Take a look at the troubleshooting steps here and see if that helps. :pray: