Edge material glowing

Hi guys… i need a way to make the edges of my models glowing… without using box shaped glowing edge material(i watched it on youtube… jsut works with cubes and similar, but looses on complex thing)
I will not go with post process volumes… it makes the scene cartoonish… is there other ways to do it?
… ouh and i rendered the wireframe of my mesh… poblem is triangles are being seen… i just want the edges… and not on flat areas triangles.

hope you can help me on that… i would love to use post process but i cant find any good tutorials(and yes i was on youtube haha… just talking but not showing)
Thanks anyway

It sounds like you haven’t gotten the basics of Materials quite under control.

Look up the usage of the Emissive input for materials to create a nice glow around specific sections of your mesh. You can even tick a checkbox to make these glowing lines emit actual static lighting.

i know… and i activated it in material node. But still dont get a clean way to do it… if you know it please explain it.