Edge Glow Applying to Entire Surface

Hello, I am attempting to create a material I can use to create an edge glow around some imported static mesh models. I have set up the material and it works on basic geometry but when I attempt to apply it to our static meshes the entire surface of the model glows instead of just the edges. Images of the issue and material set up below. I have a feeling it might have to do with how I have set up the edge emissive texture.

Does anyone have some ideas on how to correct this?

I want the effect from the cube on our static mesh but as you can see, its just glowing the entire model and not just the edges. Material blueprint is below.

Your material nodes are setup so the edge of the texture coordinates (or UVs) glow, not for the edges of the model to glow. The fresnel can give you an outer edge glow effect, but won’t give you those inner edges.

You could use your setup and custom UVs for each model for the effect you want, but that would take a lot of work per model.

If you want the look to exactly match your box example, you might be best off baking curvature maps and using that as a mask to apply the glow. I don’t think there’s an easy way to do that completely within UE4, but wouldn’t be surprised if someone managed to do it already.

I found a curvature material node you could use as the mask for an edge glow effect FWVN edge wear material function for dynamic procedural texturing — polycount

maybe this video would help?