Edge detection shader for specific objects?

I do know that this might be somewhat problematic, I want some of my objects in a scene to have a edge detection shader, like Sobel. I haven’t really tried myself yet as I’m not very experienced with shaders but I just want to know if its doable. Is there a material I can use that will have the same effect or is there a way to make it so that the postprocess just detects the objects I want it to, like disable the depth buffer (can you even do that?) on objects I don’t want it to effect. Mainly I want it to effect skeletal meshes and not the world/static meshes.

I think that with a soble edge postprocess and a customdepth this would work just fine but confirmation would be nice :slight_smile:

As far as I’ve seen in the engine its all post process for edge detection. That being said with access to engine source code you could write your own render pass to do edge detection but that’s pretty complicated though much more powerful.