Economy Kit - Economy Suite remastered!

Is the auction house still present? That was actually very important.

Auction house is currently not implemented, but will be coming too. Generally this will be an asset that will receive all of it’s features over time again, for now we’ve added money drops, a few new features and in every way a better UI. But don’t worry, Auction house will be coming when we find time here. We can’t put a time on it as it’s very busy lately here but when we start working on it, we’ll let you know! :slight_smile:

Economy Kit has been released!

PM Sent with email.
Thanks - Jake

New PM sent w/ email and invoice number.
Thanks - Jake

Hello Panda

First thank you for upgrading me to the Economy Kit! It has a slick looking UI and I really like the categories functionality.
Now a few issues for you:

  1. When opening the kit it takes you to the standard empty level template instead of the Demonstration level.
  2. When you try to combine stacks in the Inventory panel using drag/drop it just drops one of the items on the floor. Same thing happens with trying to split stacks. For that matter, anytime you try to move an item to a new inventory slot the items just drop on the floor.
  3. It would be nice if selling to vendors allowed you to specify an amount.
  4. There does not seem to be a way to close the Vendor panel separately from the Inventory panel.


Integration for vendors, items and money actors ->

  1. This is because it’s set to create project, however the kit was meant to be Add to project. We’ve requested this to be changed.
  2. This feature was never implemented, there are stacks but stack splitting wasn’t setup, or stack replacing inside the inventory.
  3. Good idea, we’ll look into it!
  4. Having a vendor open when no inventory is open seems a bit weird, you can go around this if you go into the kit and look where we handle the showing and removing of the inventory/vendor UI.

MAJOR UPDATE: Trading now has been added to the Economy Kit!


Update for 4.15 has been processed.

**4.16 update + hotfix
**Marketplace: Live Live

Economy Kit is on sale for 45% off on the summer sale!

Notice: We’ve got a bug mentioned on our kit which prevents interaction on other widgets. This will be resolved once we update for 4.18. In the meantime if you experience issues with interacting with widgets properly please do the following.

In the inventory widget -> Canvas Panel > Visibility should = “Self Hit Test Invisible” and not “Visible” (which is what it is now). That way you are able to interact with other widgets while the Inventory Widget is displayed.

+1 for auction house implementation… im planning to buy 50% of your actual store items. great job…

I know its a lot of work… but auction house will be a great addition…

Excellent work as always. :wink:

Actually in 4.18.2, we still have to do the change for the inventory widget. Seem like you forget to update it for 4.18


We’ve updated our economy kit for versions 4.16 and higher to include chests you can place in the level editor for player to find and open!

Time till live Marketplace:
Unknown - submitted and awaiting their response
Time till live

FIX: Fixed issue for the widget blocking interaction with other widgets

I don’t know if this kit is even still supported but how hard would it be to inwgrate this with the action rpg inventory kit? Like to use all the items / inventory system / etc from that, with this kit. I will buy right now if I know I can make that happen relatively easily


While we do have interface functions that drive the Economy Kit such as events that call when you buy certain items, you will still have to do some manual work. Since there’s no real way to connect the two easily, due to using different structs in blueprints, you’ll still have to do a bit of work. You’ll have to adjust the function library and using the interface functions to drive logic from your inventory system to the economy kit.

There’s no fast or clean way to do this.

Kind regards

Hi, newbie here, would like to ask whats the BP or the variables to save for the inventory progress? I would like to save the progress after I close the game.