ECollisionChannel::ECC_PhysicsBody only triggered on some items

I came across an issue where in my VR game, I am trying to pick up items. The issue is that only one of the three items in my level can be picked up. I made sure all of the blueprint settings we’re identical to the one item that was working. But even after making them identical, only one is still being triggered (has a physics body)!

ABaseHand::GetWorld()->LineTraceSingleByObjectType(hit, lineTraceStart, lineTraceEnd, FCollisionObjectQueryParams(ECollisionChannel::ECC_PhysicsBody), traceParameters);

The solution is in the static mesh editor here:

Even if you are getting “collision” in places, you still need to actually create the physics body! I thought I had already done this because if you click the collision button at the top, you would see markings. However, I still needed to apply (create) the physics body for the static mesh.