Easy way to remove Add/Remove button for Array/Map/Set


I want to prevent people from adding/removing elements in a TArray/TMap/TSet Uproperty.
Is there an easy way to remove the Add/Remove buttons (like a meta specifier or something)?

The only solution we found right now is to override PreEditChange and prevent any modifications if someone tries to edit the property but it’s not the best solution.
Even if it’s not easy, is there any other way to do it ? Is there any plan to make it easier to edit ?



Would setting the property to be VisibleAnywhere / VisibleInstanceOnly / VisibleDefaultOnly (depending on your use case) be a solution to this?

No, because in some cases, I just want to disable Adding and in other cases, I just want to prevent Removing

Ah I see. I’m not sure I’ve seen any solution to this.

CanEditChange might be useful, but again it essentially blocks all actions rather than being able to block just add or just remove. UPROPERTY EditCondition and CanEditChange · ben🌱ui