Easy Navigation using VR Template in 4.13?

OK, I have been messing around for a few days now with our VIVE and the VR Template in UE4. I have started a number of threads on the forum asking a few questions (apologies for perhaps asking too many!). The problem is that I don’t get any responses. I know I am a newcomer to this, and some of my questions may be overlooked as being too basic.

I was excited to hear about the Tom Looman VR Template guide Twitch feed last night (I am in the UK!), and hoped to pick up some tips. Sadly, apart from an overview of what the template does, I wasn’t really able to glean much from the discussion.

I am coming at this from an architectural visualisation background, and simply want to import my models into UE and navigate around them using the Vive and motion controllers. I can get the model sin and get the Vive+MotionControllers working (just about!).

The problem I am finding is navigating around the model. I am trying with the NavMesh, but it leaves ‘gaps’ for some reason that I am not sure how to fill. As my projects are essentially going to be just navigating around buildings, the navigation really needs me to be able to get to any flat surface, either on the ground plane or up steps or on the 1st floor etc.

I’m hoping this is quite simple but it is beyond me at the moment.

Can anyone give me some step by step help on this?

I’ll answer your question. Check the trace of the motion controller.

You want to change that to something other than navmesh. What ever type of objects you want. I set mine to static mesh as you can see in the screenshot above. I hope this helps you!

Thanks - so where you are currently showing ‘WorldStatic’ needs to be changed to a Static Mesh such as ‘Floor’ or something like that?

Each object in the world with collision like a static mesh has an object type in the collision properties. Worldstatic, worlddynamic, vehicle, etc. Any object type that is worldstatic would allow you to teleport onto in the screenshot above.

Ah - OK. Let me give that a try…

I’m still unclear on this. When I look at the ‘Make Array’ you are pointing to, it is already showing ‘WorldStatic’.

Have you tested after deleting the navmesh?

Yep - I just get the arc spline coming a few inches out of the hand. I’ll post a photo…
(its only when I create a navmesh that it works)


This worked for me.
(not sure if I screw something else up…)
bypass the check for a navmesh in the Trace Teleport Destination Function

Thanks Nacker - I will try that and see how it goes.

Honestly, this is a struggle…I am so close to getting somewhere but navigation is fundamental. Surely what I am after is something relatively simple: I have a 2-storey house and I just need to be able to navigate around it using the MotionController and pointing on ‘valid’ spaces to teleport to - floor, steps, landings etc

Nacker is correct. You have to remove the Boolean check. I can’t get to ue4 until tomorrow about 12 hours from now. But what he posted seems correct

It seems to be partially working but it isn’t really working as expected. There seem to be lots of invisible barriers when I am navigating around.

I am bringing in the various elements of my buildings (walls, steps, windowframes etc) as individual FBX files from 3dsmax. For the collision geometry, I am creating UCX_walls, UCX_steps, UCX_windowframes etc in 3dsmax and bringing those in within the same FBX exports.

With Nacker’s suggestion of removing those componants, what is the BP_MotionController looking at to determine if it it is a valid teleport location? Will it be using the imported FBX collision objects?

I have uploaded a few elements of the FBX model if anyone has time to take a quick look:-

FBX models

you can also adjust the RecastNavMesh (this is placed in your scene when you place a navmesh in your scene.) There are lots of different variables to adjust so you can kind of tune your navmesh to fit your level. My guess is that the stairs might be too small, and the navmesh doesn’t show up on the stairs with the default settings. I would try to keep the navmesh method, as it helps from walking through walls.

Yes, I did mess around with a lot of those settings but couldn’t close the gaps that seemed to be forming. I will keep trying…

Could anybody help suggest how to adapt this BP_MotionController so that you can only land on surfaces that have certain physical material properties? Somebody mentioned this might be possible, but I am unsure where to start as a newcomer to UE4.

I have deleted the elements suggested above and can now teleport onto pretty much anything which is great. The problem is that I can also teleport halfway up a vertical wall! I really need to be able to specify which surfaces (either by object name or by a specific characteristic of an object) are valid targets.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

I am bumping this as I have the exact same questions, did anyone get the HTC Vive controls working with custom levels. I am in the same boat, I want to be able to teleport on my own meshes. I also am having the short blue arc.

You have to use the navemeshbounds, and also blocking the parts you dont want pass with blocking volumes