Easy Fog ?

I’m not looking for detail, just wanting to create a volume of fog from an explosion. What’s the easiest way to achieve this ?

I’m not sure UE4 supports fog volumes (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). Your best bet would probably be to use a particle emitter.

This might help.

I’m just pulling this out of my behind and have no idea if it would even work, but maybe you could use a fogsheet to get the visible effect from outside the the “fog volume”, and then a small PP volume with a large blend radius + a fog shader blendable?

All you need to know: Environmental Light with Fog, Clouds, Sky and Atmosphere in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

Thanks for the replies shall look into the Fog Sheet. Im not really wanting to know what comes out of your behind kirk. :-p

Sorry to bump this post, but I can’t find the Fog Sheet ?

Fogsheet is here:


Another very cheap but probably better option for your case is the “Falloff Sphere”. This is what we used in gears1-3 for all of the spherical glows around fires etc since it was cheaper than using the actual volumetric fog (which for the most part had to be reserved exlusively for our ink and smoke grenade effects).

Another option is to use the material function “SphereGradient-3D” combined with “Exponential Density”. That will give you the overall most realistic falloff if you crave it. Although that version seems to have a bug with the “depth fade” option. I am looking into that soon.

Thanks. Haven’t actually covered this yet, how can I import it without content pack ?

import it? thats all under engine content. no need.

I don’t have content in my project, started off blank.

You need to check the box to “show engine content” in the lower right hand corner drop down menu. Every project has this. I wish the default option was to show it.

Click on the eyeball icon in the lower-right hand corner of the Content Browser and select the check box for Engine Content and all those things RyanB mentions will show up.

ninja’d :slight_smile:

Ok thanks got it.

I tried the falloff sphere in the engine content but the edges are hard. How do you soften the edges to look like a more natural glow?

How do you get soft edges for the falloff sphere?

Did you combine with “Exponential Density” node?