easiest 3D modeling software?

I want to make furniture and i want an easy and simple software as i tried blender and it looks confusing AF, Idk if its just me because i didn’t put enough time or its just hard and complicated so i wanna know the easiest with a good quality and if possible free

Try Blender 2.8, is a lot more nice lookin’ that any of the previous versions:

I would stick with it as it’s the only actually free quality 3D software out there.

If you’re a student you can sign up for a Autodesk Maya Student account and use Maya for free. One of the easiest 3D modeling programs in my opinion. It’s the only took you really need for a game development project. Good animation system, UVs modeling and recent updates have fixed a lot of bugs IMO.

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from my experience most modeling software has a but of a learning curve. i personally use blender since it has many features, theres a ton of beginner tutorials, and its free. i know many people in the non game dev space start with sketchup.

theres also many other programs and ways to make assets depending on the style you want such as photogrammetry, voxel builders, etc.