Earth Map Question

This might be a dumb question but let’s say I wanted to use a map of the Earth as the basis of my level. (Think topdown 4x strategy game) I can’t begin to think of how to accomplish this? Thoughts?

I’d start with a topography heightmap, making a miniture version of the earth with that heightmap in world machine or other software.

I would drop a huge water pane under the landscape, and use the shift cntrl lmb keys to trace out the map. Personally. I think that technique would be easiest. Visualize mapping the ocean, and not the land. You can then look at the map and decide what exactly you want to do paint wise, and height wise. Once your staring at water. I think you can get more of a perspective, and visualize where things are going to go.

Hmm, you think I’d need to do it by hand? I was hoping for a way to just drop down a map of earth and add a heightmap onto it if I needed/wanted to add terrain features. Really I just want to be able to throw down a map of earth as a basis poi

are you not able to ? i dont see why not …

Because I’m a noob. I didn’t realize you could just import an image drop it on a primitive and it will just work. :stuck_out_tongue: