Dynamically adjust vehicle engine rpm in a blueprint

Hi I would like to be able to adjust the RPM of a wheeled vehicle.
I can do this in the side window (under details) but I want to be able to adjust during game play.
I’ve searched for get/set rpm in the blueprint window but it doesn’t seem to exist.
Is there a special way to locate RPM variable in blueprint scripting ?

You can’t edit the vehicles or wheels properties in realtime in Unreal Engine 4, atleast atm (Only some core engine properties like speed I think)


There is a community member project/plugin [OPEN-SOURCE] Machinery Modelling Toolkit - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums that is working in add more features and more focus in vehicles.

So how is it possible to adjust speed in run time ?
There is no “set engine rotation speed” option either.
What is the work around - surely there is a way to dynamically update vehicle speed?

If you looking for “speed” boost

I ended up controlling the speed by adjusting the gear control.
You can add as many gears as possible and then map your control input (in my case heart rate level) to these gears.
This works great.

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