Dynamic Texture


Im have created a small 2d heat diffusion program in a blueprint and am trying to display the result.

When the array was small I was using a collection of sprites with dynamic material instances that would work out their index from their relative x and y position and collect the data from the simulation blueprint and pass it to the material. I got it working with a 10x10 grid.

Now I want to increase the resolution to 128x128 but the editor crashes (understandable given its trying to create 16k sprites). the solution from my other game development experience would be to draw each result to a texture then display the texture on a single surface but I cant seem to find anything that would achieve this in the blueprints.

I am trying to display something like this:

Any help would be much appreciated

What about using a post process material, and setting the appropriate pixel (doesn’t it go over all the pixels of the final image?) to the appropriate color and even interpolate when it’s not 1:1?