Dynamic tessellated snow material

Hi guys,

This is a small and relatively simplistic snow material, which can use any diffuse/normal maps (e.g. rocks and bricks) and make them snowy. Some of the features:

  • Tessellation with adjustable dependency on snow amount
  • Full control of snow and tessellation features from material instances -> fully dynamic material
  • Snow can be set to appear only on the surface, so just on the top of the object. I am planning to make it possible to adjust the snow direction in the material instances, for more flexibility
  • It’s shiny :o

This is for sure far from good snow material, but still I thought, someone may find this interesting and/or useful.

The screens are here, and the video with demonstration is coming soon. A tutorial about tessellation and normal direction adjustment is something that I will do later; My basic tutorial for the snow material is here:

Tessellation in action:

Some of the basic things about snow I learned from this tutorial from UDK era:
I will be posting videos and info about my progress with material enhancements in this thread in my free time. Any thoughts are welcome :slight_smile:

An old video with early material version, which shows some blueprint interactions that you can easily implement with it:

Looks cool, love winter stuff! :slight_smile:
Looking forward for tesselation tutorial, thanks for sharing.

Good Men…

Thanks man :slight_smile: I will try to find time for the tutorial this week, and for now - here u go, a little showcase of the tessellation effect (it still needs tons of work).

Awesome tutorial Lordink! Very helpful for trying to create my snow map. Not sure if you have already, but you can add your tutorial to the UE4 tutorials page found here: if you wished to.

Looks great are you going to make it work for particle effects, so you could have some snow effects that looks like it is slowly settling on the ground? Would make for a great dynamic weather system.

Thanks, man. Actually, a good idea - I was working on the other topic tutorial for the wiki page, but you are right, I might as well add the snow tutorial there. So, will do that soon.

Thank you. I was thinking about that - even with the coolest implementation, when the particles invoke the blueprint event while hitting the snowy surface (as we have that per-particle collision now, we could use it), and that increases the amount of snow on that exact point of the surface. This is really crazy and complex to implement, but would provide some cool features - e.g. if you put something like a box on the ground, the snowfall will not affect the ground below the box. Or, all the structures with roofs will automatically have their interiors without the snow - only the roofs will be covered by it.

But without that craziness I might play in my free time in the cascade and do something like a snowfall weather effect with dynamic parameters. This is far from the game project I work on, but it might turn out to be useful for some ppl.

Stay tuned for some simple snow blueprint tutorials, guys. Tessellation tutorial is bigger, so I will be making it later this month.

dude make an indepth tutorial on the tessellated one, the one before is so awesome !!! thanks xD

Thanks for the tutorial. =)

Hey guys,

I’ve done a wiki page ( Here’s a basic snow blueprints tutorial

Any time frame for the tessellation tutorial?

This is a really fantastic tutorial series you have provided. I am using it for a snow/moss shader.

*double post

The tessellation tutorial is a big thing to do, so I am trying to find time, but can not promise anything soon, sorry for that :frowning:

Would it be possible to get a detailed screen capture of the material then? Maybe you could comment individual nodes telling their values as well? I am sure I could figure it out without a lengthy video tutorial as long as I can see what going on in the material. Thank you for your time!

Good idea. Here u go:

Pls ask if u have any questions.

Here’s a small tutorial about making the snow appear mostly on the top of the mesh. It is a start for a tessellation tutorial.

Really cool effect! Keep up the good work.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Guys, here is the new part of the tutorial. Sorry for the 2-week delay, I am currently spending all my free time on the game project.

Very Awesome…thanks for sharing…