Dynamic Spotlight Shadow Failure


I`m building a game with a little Lamp. So the lightning is very important.
But unfortenetly the dynamic SpotLight goes through the objects.
I attached two pictures, to see what the Problem is.
In the first picture you can see, that the Light goes through the table.

In the second picture, when the lamp is on the ground, the post of the table make a little shadow, but not the hole table.

I dont know what the Problem is. I already tried a few Options. But i dont know if the problem is at the LightComponent, the Mesh, Material or even project settings.

If you need further information, please contact me.

You first picture is broken…

Oh Ok,

here is the first picture
So i want no lightning behind any obstacle.
And i have still no idea

It’s going through the table because the light is half under the table.

Try making the radius much smaller and make sure the pivot point ( center of the widget ) is right in the front of the lamp mesh. This is where it would be in reality.

PS: it’s good to quote people otherwise we don’t get a notification.

Yes, now it works.
Thank you