Dynamic Sky Color :)


I am relatively new to Unreal 4 and having some difficulty changing the color of the sky to match what is happening in the scene. Basically, i have an environment where the user can change whats going on inside, like making it rain etc. Getting the effects to play works no problem, however i am having difficulty getting the color of the sky to match, i was wondering if there is a way to animate the color of the sky so that when the user presses the key to make it rain the color would shift to grey.

some extra info,

Using a DirectionalLightStationary (set to movable & hooked up to a day night cycle)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry, it would of helped if i had mentioned i am using the default SkySphereBlueprint that comes in the first person template. :slight_smile:

I can only help you with a little bit of your problem as i’m best with Particle systems but if you are wanting to make it rain in your game/sandbox then make a particle systems that has drops of water in them, then make a particle system which creates a splash when the rain drops collide with anything, then all you have to do is get those two to work in tandem using Blueprints, but that i do not know how to do.


Blueprint to get material when button is pressed, add a color mask to it, and then set it back to the parent material. That’s the theory at least >> I’m not sure how to do it exactly as it’s something I haven’t researched.