Dynamic shadows with Culling Occolusion

I have a problem with dynamic shadows. Objects which are behind the player have no shadows at all. It seems to me that I have some problem with Culling Occolusion, I can’t figure out what’s wrong. At first I thought that it was due to hLOD are on the dynamically loadable levels but at a basic level (which is sunlight) there is such a problem. On the main level hLOD are off. Please help to solve this problem.

Hi Satellence,

For reference to your first question regarding HLODs, they currently do not support dynamic shadowing, but there is a feature request in the ToDo list of things with UE-22627.

As for your immediate issue, I have a simple scene I’ve setup just for testing and when I disable HLODs in the World Settings, I will need to rebuild the scene before the change takes effect. Have you rebuilt your scene since disabling HLODs?

If you drag another static mesh in your scene, like the ones pictured in the second image, into the scene does that one stay shadowed?

Let me know.


Just before record video i rebuild level.
It’s masterlevel, hLODs turned off.
Video demo: http://c2n.me/3sCh8Pw
Building on vidio constructed after hLODs turned off.

I tried to use the project setting by default, but it also does not give any effect. The problem is still relevant.

Got it!
hLODs had to shut down at all streamed levels.

Hi Tim, any update about the status of UE-22672 ? thanks.