Dynamic shadows on mobile disappear on different camera angle


Can someone explain to me of why this happened? It seems to be camera related, as I move the camera a bit closer to the shadow of both cube and character (both are movable) and it’s gone (2).

This uses the Third Person Example, with Mobile target and Maximum quality, using movable directional light.
This also happens if I enable dynamic shadow (not modulated shadow) for movable object from stationary directional light using [this][2] technique.
This seem to be similar to other user [here][3] in regard of mobile AR for Android, that claims his problem also uses dynamic lighting.

This happens on high-end mobile preview with ES 3.1 feature level, and my Android device as well.

Any solution?

Got the answer. Make sure to play around with the Dynamic Shadow Distance in Cascaded Shadow Maps tab on your directional light (Either stationary or movable). If you set it to max (20.000), the problem will persist. In my case, 2000 works, but the solution is to just play around with these numbers.


Hope this helps.