Dynamic shadows on foliage broken on half of terrain.

The picture will explain best. The Foliage Type is set to “moveable” and has dynamic shadows enabled. I’m using the inset shadows on moveable objects on my light. The line where the shadows stop working seems to be in the center of the terrain. It doesn’t matter how close or far away the camera is, there are no dynamic shadows past the line on the pine trees. (The line is only on the pine trees. The maple trees are fine.) It’s still receiving the static shadows, though, oddly enough.

I tried making a new Foliage Type with the same model. It works fine if I drag and drop it onto the foliage panel (i.e. just making a new slot and placing the trees from that) but if I use the new Foliage Type to replace the old slot it looks exactly the same with no shadows on that line. So I don’t think the Foliage Type is corrupted - it’s more like the slot on the pallet is corrupted. I tried replacing the pine trees with the maple tree Foliage Type and then the maple trees had the line.

Is there maybe something I could type into the console to reset it or something?

I think this is actually this bug: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-20029)