Dynamic Selection Wheel

I have submitted my Dynamic Selection Wheel to Epic - here are some of the details on it.

 I have made the wheel as user-friendly as I could; all you have to do to get started with the base wheel is add the widget to your project then add the macro I made and you're all set to go.
 You can add or remove sections and items to and from the wheel with pre-made functions in real time or hard code the wheel to a certain set of sections and items.

I also tried to make it easy to change the aesthetic of the wheel to fit your needs, the only drawback for this would be if you want the wheel to be dynamic it needs to be circular in nature.
If you want to hard code the number of sections then the sky is the limit for your wheel’s look.
Here are some examples of wheels that are possible.

With the ease of use thanks to the macro, doing something on selection of an item is as easy as adding a few nodes after the macro or putting your “on selection” there.
In the example project I made a simple “on selection equip a gun” which just changes the color of the gun.

Finally here’s the trailer for the Dynamic Selection Wheel, I will be posting walkthroughs and tutorials on the same channel later down the line so keep your eye there if you want to see more of the Dynamic Selection Wheel.

Dynamic Selection Wheel Overview:

Wow, this is pretty awesome! I absolutely love the background post processing and the time slowdown as well! :slight_smile:

I was thinking about adding a system like this to Generic Shooter for weapon selection, but never got around to it. Until I do (which is probably an infinite time from now), I’ll definitely recommend people adding this for their weapon switching.

Nice, I was looking for a nice pie menu for my character to choose their action. How are the slots populated?

And might I suggest you include some presets with different styles already set up. :slight_smile:

Quick update for anyone who wants to know. I’m in the final stages for approval for the wheel and they’re checking it for quality control, so barring any problems they find (which i doubt) it should be up fairly soon.
To answer _cDub’s questions the slots are always there in the sections I just update the info for them, and to do that there’s a premade function that you can use to do that I’ll go into some more detail on them in a series of video tuts I’m gonna do soon so if you have any suggestions for what you wanna see in the tutorials just post here.

Excellent level of polish with this. Nice job bridging the code and some simplistic art to encourage people to ‘see the opportunity’ in your product. This will sell well I think.

I guess some of the things that I would want to see is customizing the look and having that selection detail thing in the center of the circle.

So They finally finished the quality control and accepted it I’m filling out paperwork now and if there’s no more steps after that then it should be up on the market place soon. In the meantime here’s an overview video of the wheel:

Hey man

Hello, What do you need good sir?

Wow it literally didnt post what I asked lol my appoligies, I was going to say I think this wheel is great looking man I bought the other one on the marketplace but this one seems to be more to what I want

is it pretty easy to alter the look? and does it work really well as a weapon wheel?

Honestly the wheel was designed as a weapon wheel for my game and when I was done with it I felt like it was too much work to just go into my game so I decided to sell it, so I would say it should work great as a weapon wheel, and the example content in the project is a really basic weapon wheel. As far as customizing the look, ya I tried to make it as customizable as possible there are some limitations to it like if you want the wheel to be dynamic then you can’t have complex patterns for a section, but if you want a static wheel then you can have more complex stuff like this (screen shot from call of duty black ops 3) in theory. I haven’t actually tried this yet

The red lines are there to indicate the selection area for each section. Each section is an equal size or “slice of the pie” so something like this won’t work.

Because the top and the bottom of the wheel are a larger percentage then the other sections.
But there are basic variables that can change the look/functionality of the wheel a little, those I went over in the overview. I’ll go over the other stuff in another tutorial.
other customization stuff like the look is just a quick material switch which again I’ll cover in a tutorial.
Hope I answered your question well enough.

Good answer and example.

Will this be on sale elsewhere whilst waiting for the marketplace release?

Yes man, consider another sale

Are you going to do tutorials on how to make ui like the one in that picture?

Wow This is a lot of interest in it, and now you guys are making me feel bad for making you all wait lol. If I could I would sell it outside of the marketplace but I don’t have a website or place to do it at, and I don’t want to do a shady pay me give me your email and I’ll send you a DL link kinda thing. Good news is all the paperwork is done and I think that was the last step, I asked them how long it would take to get on the marketplace but they still haven’t replied. I would love to tell you its the next update but frankly I have no idea and I don’t want to make false promises so for now it’s still “Coming Soon to a marketplace near you”.
And _cDub which picture are you talking about?

Now that I think about it, the one in the center of this one: and this if you feel confident in your UMG abilities :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I actually want to try the COD one lol, The other one I’ve actually done a tut before on a little older version of the wheel but I’m going to re-record it with the release version of the wheel. I planned on a tut for all three of those examples I just need to carve out some time for them.

I would suggest taking a look at either Gumroad or Selz if you’re interested in an easy-to-use solution for distributing your product(s) outside of UE4’s Marketplace.