Dynamic pointlight problem.

I seem to be having a problem with dynamic lights. In the image below, the top screengrab is a test scene launched from the editor (using a single dynamic spotlight). The bottom screengrab is the exact same scene that has been packaged and launched. Can anyone let me know if I’m missing something when it comes to packaging a project with dynamic lights? In another test that I did from scratch, in the editor everything works as expected, yet if I package it I get an entirely black screen. Is there a bug somewhere or am I missing an option I should be setting when packaging something that only has dynamic lights?

<edit> Just realized I’ve said spotlight, when it’s actually a point light.

Hi FlukeRogi,

It looks like your light isn’t baked in the top scene. Also for your scene made from scratch, do you have a skysphere or something that allows for global illumination?


I’m using a single fully mobile/dynamic light, so surely there shouldn’t be any lighting that needs to be baked? If I use the Launch option in the editor, it goes throught the whole cooking/staging process. Shouldn’t this result in exactly the same result as if I created a standalone package (which as you can see from the screenshots, it isn’t)? I’m totally new to UE4, so appreciate I might be missing a lot of basic information/making incorrect assumptions.

On my made from scratch scene, I haven’t got a skysphere. I pretty much want a black background with objects purely illuminated with a dynamic light.

Just a thought: Are you sure you haven’t set any specific engine settings that are not carried over? I had a case like this concerning indirect lighting for deferred decals. Perhaps there is a mismatch in the eye adaptation settings?