Dynamic objects shadows in Oculus Quest app

i’m try to deploy on Oculus Quest the simple VR template.

I switch every possible combination of lights and shadow (cascade, modulate, dynamic), but i can’t make the dynamic box to cast shadows.

Which are the correct /best way to implement dynamic shadows on the Quest?

Good question. I have the same task. I managed to cast a shadow (CSM) from a direct light (movable), which only shows in the HMD on certain directions when i look around. very weird. the same effect happens even, when I try this in the Play Mode of the editor (Es 3/Vulkan).
Maybe someone has ideas…

Same problem here… I was testing all three Light Types on the Directional Light: Static, Stationary and Moveable.
Non of them works when deploying to the Quest. It’s really odd. I am assuming it’s a bug. I turned off Vulkan at all.

Maybe someone else had some success and want to share?

Anyone possibly figured this out? I has a character that moves inside the level but doesnt cast any shadow?