dynamic normal map for morph target

hello,i want to ask about dynamic normal map for facial morph target, for example if i morph the face became angry,the face would show wrinkle on the forehead

im new to UE4 but i want to use this technique for my college work,and im not so familiar with blueprint too…
so maybe anybody can explain for me how to make my normal texture work for my morpher, because im realy have no idea how to connect my normal texture to my morpher

thanks,sorry for my bad english

I suppose you may set vertex colors for your morph targets and then use them in your material setup to Lerp between smooth normal map for normal face and wrinkle map for morph targets with different expressions. You may use one wrinkle map for whole face and paint only those vertices of morph targets wich are affected.

thanks for the answer MagicDingo , so , if the material are set,
how to make the wrinkle appear automatic??

how to link the morpher with the normal map?? using blueprint??

hey magicdingo plz give full solution plz