Dynamic Navmesh not being generated in packaged executable within a streaming level

I am having an issue where streamed levels do not maintain their built navmeshes when packaged for shipping.

I have the following setup:

  • One level, empty except a start location
  • A second level, streamed into the following level and loaded by default, that contains a nav mesh bounds, and a nav mesh entity.
  • The project nav mesh settings are set to dynamic.

When run in editor, everything works as expected and the nav mesh entity moves according to spec. When packaged using the Unreal packaging system and a Windows target, the nav mesh entity does not move. Nav mesh works as expected when the second level is packaged as the default level and not streamed.

I have tried the following options:

  • Pre-cooking maps with File → Cook Content for Windows
  • Custom Unreal Project Launch, with maps specified for cooking and not specified for cooking
  • Specifying maps and folders manually for cooking in Project Settings → Packaging → Packaging → Advanced → List of maps to include in packaged build
  • Project Settings → Packaging → Full Rebuild, on and off
  • Project Settings → Navigation Mesh → Force Rebuild on Load, on and off
  • Creating and building the nav mesh bounds within the empty file the level is streamed into
  • Creating and building nav mesh bounds in both map files

None of these options have yielded results. Does anyone have idea what might be causing this, or what a possible fix is?