Dynamic Material not updating its parameter for dissolving

Hi all, im having difficulties trying to make the following:

I have an enemy with a material element that needs to change when its health reaches 0, change a material for other material.

The new material assigned needs to update a parameter to dissolve the mesh

I have created the Dissolve material and it works well, but when i try to implement it in the BP, it changes the material succesfully but does not update the parameter that i want to change

  1. Im using a Create instance material Node
  2. A timeline for the value that i want to update
  3. a Set Scalar parameter value connected to the update node of the Timeline

I have literally put this inside the Tick node just to test but i can´t get it to work, it just changes the material and that´s it

Please i will appreciate the help

It would be much easier to pinpoint the issue if you posted a screenshot of the blueprint.

Sorry i forgot the ScreenShot

to start with, you definitely should not place spawn Actor and create dynamic material instance functions inside the tick event. Potentially, you can, but you must be sure that it will not be executed every tick. You can place do once node, or gate, or better yet, in your begin play event create your material instance and your spawn actor in event where you set health values.

Also, you can place print string node to display values from your time line.

Thanks for the feedback, i´ll try it as you suggest and see how it goes