Dynamic Light keeps lowest LOD's shadow.

I’ve stumbled upon some weird bug when creating LODs for some of my models.

To demonstrate this, I’ve set this plate’s LODs number to 2, and set the second LOD to be reduced down to 2%.

So here ^ you can see that everything’s fine. Shadow works as intended. Now let’s move back so that the plate switches LODs:


Ok, so far so good. Now let’s move much further away:


Now shadow switched to less detailed. Which is fine at this distance. But watch what happens if I get the camera back up close:

Ugh… This doesn’t look right now. The shadow is all messed up until I either move the object, or the light source. Which, in both cases, refreshes ALL shadows around, including for neighboring objects.
I tried to swap to a different light source, thinking that maybe that point light was bugged somehow. But got the same result:

You can also see the lower quality shadow on the other plate and spoon, which has the same issue.

What’s going on here? Why doesn’t light source switches back to higher quality shadow when camera gets closer?