Dynamic light color - Overcome Post-Process limitation ?

Hello Dear Unreal Engine developers !

For the last couple days i have been trying to figure out a way without much success:

Atmopshere shader being applied by post-process.

How could i have multiple light source in my level, each minding their own business, and a directional light source which takes into account the scatterring of my Atmosphere Shader at a given position?

if i place my character inside a building and lit it with a spotlight, the lit area of the character will be colorized by the post process as if it was the sun.

If i add any extra light in my level, the post process will take into account the scatterring and change its color even if the sun/directional light is occluded.

For now, what i was thinking is disabling the post process ‘sun color’ contribution, around the view point if he’s under a certain altitude, while dynamically adjusting the directional light color and intensity to mimick the post process behaviour.

Should get the best of both world !