Dynamic light caching and dynamic buffer

Does setting the buffer usage flag to BUF_Dynamic automatically affects the dynamic light caching for this mesh?
For my test mesh, it seems that just by changing this flag, the ShadowDepths statistic goes from ~12.52ms to ~21.03ms.

On the other hand, setting the proxy’s bGoodCandidateForCachedShadowmap to false or the Mobility to Movable (as per IsMeshShapeOftenMoving()) doesn’t seem to raise the same statistic (it does degrade the overall performance a little tho).

Exactly which buffer are you changing in the engine? BUF_STATIC vs BUF_DYNAMIC is going to move you from D3D11_USAGE_DEFAULT to D3D11_USAGE_DYNAMIC which could have various effects depending on the driver and HW.

At the moment I have a static vertex buffer with dynamically constructed index buffer - essentially a dynamically built LOD