Dynamic Ledge Climb System

Hey Everyone! The Dynamic Ledge Climb System is now available on the Marketplace!


v1.0.1 Updated (Coming Soon)

The** Dynamic Ledge Climb System **includes a solid Climbing locomotion system ideal for your next platformer game. It includes the ability to grab and hang on to ledges, move along the ledge while hanging (yes, even on curved surfaces and around hard corners!) and to Jump off the ledge in any direction.

Turning around corners is completely dynamic and will work smoothly on any angled turn. The included animation clips do not use root motion.


  • Ledge Grabbing, Climbing
  • Reach out in mid-air
  • Camera Relative control input while moving on Ledge
  • Completely dynamic and customizable Ledge jump system (Left/Right/Up/Back)
  • Drop down and grab Ledge

Coming Soon in v1.0.1:

  • Wall Running
  • Wall Sliding
  • Custom Character Locomotion
  • Free hang off ledges
  • 48 new custom animations

Coming Soon:

  • Wall Jumping
  • Advanced IK System
  • Climb Ladders and Vines
  • Vaulting over/up objects
  • Moving Platform support
  • Network Replication

Number of Blueprints: 1 Character Blueprint, 1 Animation Blueprint, 1 Blueprint Interface, 1 Blueprint Actor

Number of Animations: 22 Additional custom animations

Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No (Coming Soon)

Supported Development Platforms: Tested Windows, should work on any platform

Supported Target Build Platforms: Tested on Windows

Hi. My game will require my character to be able to scramble and climb up rocks and cliffs, will your system allow this? When climbing up larger cliffs it would be acceptable for the characters hands and feet to find ik derived positions on the rock face and perform a generic climb in the direction of movement (up down left right and diagonal). Is this achievable with your system?

Ah are you referring to the climbing like in Zelda? Unfortunately no, my system will only work on upright walls and cliffs where you can hang off. It won’t work on a steep slopes.

Here’s a little update on what’s coming soon

Okay thank you for reply. I’ve not played zelda.
maybe I could use your system just for the cliffs then. How is it set up? Does it detect ledges on meshes automatically or are they defined on the meshes in another way?

you have control on what you want to grab. All you’ll have to do is enable the necessary custom trace channels (in documentation) on any mesh and it will grab. I set it off by default so you have more control over where you can and cannot grab when doing level design :slight_smile:

btw, I do have vine climbing/scrambling in the works right now. So you could use that when it’s ready :slight_smile: although I didn’t plan for it to work on steep slopes… I might add that support a little later with an update

It’s been a crazy week… Been busy looking for apartments to move to in Valencia, so only managed to update the system a bit. Also added a new running animation in there.

Hi, I think I found two problems with the system. It looks great so far, and I’m really liking your system, but here are the two problems I found: When you get to a “corner” of any ledge, and your character goes into the animation where he looks to jump off (or holds a hand out for another ledge), then hold any of the directional keys (like right or left), and then press “ctrl” while holding down the directional keys, and the character will release from the ledge, but get stuck in the hanging animation.

I’ve attached a picture of it somewhere maybe down below or just below.

Secondly, I was trying to use some of the free Paragon characters from the marketplace, and since they won’t directly correlate with the UE4 skeleton bones, I had to “re-target” the animation blueprint asset. When I do this, and I jump on a ledge, and the press the “ctrl” key to release, the characters hands stay in the IK reference position they were in when I pressed the “ctrl” button to drop off the ledge. So they get stuck too!

So, to sum up, it seems as though there are some problems with the animation transitions or release conditions when using the asset. Just wanted to make you aware of these, and hopefully maybe you can fix and update it?

For the most part, it works pretty good, and I really like it :slight_smile: Thank you.

Hey thanks for the feedback! I’ve already fixed that bug for the update :slight_smile: It’s just an additional transition from the jump aiming states to “falling”

I haven’t tried the new Paragon characters just yet. With the IK system, it’s still a WIP and will be handled a lot differently. Just to check your set up after re-targeting.

  • check if the targeted animation clips have the AnimNotifies.
  • does the new character have the relevant sockets set up on the skeleton? (LeftHandSocket,etc)

Let me know if that helps, if not, shoot me a support email.
Again, thanks for the support! :slight_smile:

Oh, that is great to hear. I’m glad you found it already. Is it an easy transition I could add on my own? Can you describe how to do it in a short paragraph, or would it require a long explanation? If it’s a long explanation or too complex, I can wait for the update. I’ve worked with anim blueprints a little bit, so if it’s a semi-easy transition I might be able to add it myself if you describe how to do it – but if you think it’s easier for me to just wait for the update, I will wait for the update. I don’t have a deadline, thankfully :slight_smile:

As for the Paragon characters, I’ve tested your system with characters that match the Epic skeleton perfectly (i.e. bone for bone) and they work great with your system (which is excellent)! However, the Paragon characters working with your system would be a big bonus. I’m still trying to figure out maybe how to remove the extra bones from them, so that they match the default epic mannequin skeleton perfectly. If I can’t, then I will have to go the “re-targeting” route, which will be much harder.

So, with that in mind, is there any chance you could try to make the Paragon: Khaimera character work with your system? I know that may be out of your purview, and is more of an “incompatible animations” thing. I understand if it’s not something worth your time or expertise.

Thanks for such a quick response! And I look forward to your next update.

I think I fixed it with all the new logic implemented too so it might be a bit different with the older system. If you want, zip up your project and send it to me. [EMAIL=“”]Email me the download link.

Yeah that’s a good idea. I’ve been super busy working on getting the new stuff implemented for the update. I’ve only downloaded the Paragon characters, but never had the chance to open it and actually play around with them. Definitely something to look into in the future. I’ll probably do a tutorial for it once I figure it out

Hello, really considering of buying it. Just few questions: When the update is going to be released? Is the code /blueprint thought to be portable (a migrable component with some stuff to setup) or is something that requires to go deep in to the code to be ported?

I sent you a DM

Another peek at what’s to come. Wall sliding is now working

Version 1.0.1 is on it’s way.

  • Wall Running
  • Wall Sliding
  • Custom Character Locomotion
  • Free hang off ledges
  • 48 new custom animations

Does this use root motion or in place animations for jumping around?

This system doesn’t use root motion animations at all. Every animation clip is “in-place”. the actual displacement is automatically calculated.

This tool kit looks incredible! I was just wondering what the usage rights are after purchase? I looked through the previous comments and didn’t see anything; unless I looked over it.

I look forward to your reply.

If you are hanging on a ledge, and are in the look opposite way animation when you press let go of ledge. You get broken IK bug.

hey thanks for the update… are you using a custom character?