Dynamic Instanced material created in editor. Is it saved for Packaged project?

Hey Peeps,

I’ve been playing around with Blutility, and created something crazy helpful for our artists, that could create a material instance with some basic parameters, that they are able to tweak back and forth with simple sliders.

I have to use dynamic instanced materials, in order for those material parameters to be available.

How do I make sure that those dynamic instanced materials are saved and packaged?
I dont think I can find them anywhere in the files of the project.

Do people bump threads here?

Material Instance you create in editor have sliders. The non-dynamic kind of instance.

Any changes you make in the material will show up on screen, and since it is just a regular old MI you can save it.

Alternately you could create a material instance in editor and have the artists copy their values over once they are done adjusting the values.