Dynamic Indirect Lighting is blowing out certain materials

When I turn on “Dynamic Indirect Lighting” for my Directional Light, the outside structure in my scene looks great with the additional bounced light. However, the inside parts of the structure that use the same material, blows out by the light. If you look at my attached image, you will see what I mean. The top panel is with Dynamic Indirect Lighting off and the bottom is with it on.

Can anyone suggest a fix for this? It doesn’t seem like the inside should be getting that much bounced light as it is all enclosed except through the opening you see and the windows.

Most likely light leaking. LPV are notorious for it.…andperformance

see the LPV settings and look/performance adjustments section.

In my opinion it is probably not worth it trying to make this feature work, it was abandoned for a reason.

It could be the project doesn’t have the correct settings for the LPV to function right. It seems to be a rather stringent feature as far as requiring certain things to be set, and the settings working with the rest of a scene’s lighting. What is the goal of the lighting on the inside of the structure there? Honestly, I think it looks fine but don’t know the intended result, and there’s a number of settings in the LPV (which is what “Dynamic Indirect Lighting” enabled is for) that are useful for adjusting the indirect lighting it produces.