Dynamic Global Illumination in Fable Legends

Here’s the article if you want to learn more about LPV.

I have the feeling Lionhead’s version of LPV is different than the one in UE4, perhaps an early version of it?
If so, I wonder if they will update it.

What we have currently is still WIP, that’s why it wasn’t enabled by default.

Nice, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

damnit Jacky, you beat me to it(I was gonna post this too :stuck_out_tongue: )

It would be nice to know if this is something that will be updated and actively worked on by either Fable or Epic or if it is just something they threw into the source code for people to mess around with.

You can already enable dynamic GI (probably this way still works, but I haven tried it out yet ^^):

nice, goes over my head but if it make things easier for us and looks better then go for it

Thanks Jacky very informative.

That’s good question. Wonder if the finished version of LPV will be pushed back to Engine, or it will be exclusive for Fable.

From that blog post it is clear, that they have now much more complete version ready.

Would be nice if they do, but on other hand I do not hold my breath on it.


Actually it would nice to know it. It’s rather hard to work on existing version on LPV if you have no idea what changed in new version, and that you changes might be completely incompatible with new code.

Answering from duplicated thread.

On my machine, LPV takes only 1ms render time. Which is less than some of postprocess effects. And bear in mind that we have half-baked half-working unoptimized LPV in engine.

When I turn on secondary bounce it takes 3 or 4ms to render. But since secondary bounce doesn’t even work, I think it can be optimized even more. Like adding proper Octree levels (cascades ?), tweaking voxel grid density etc.

Blog post actually indicate that technique is based on OLPV (Octree LPV), which was never used before, beyond single research paper I found over internet.

I actually think that this technique while no as high quality as Voxel GI, it have great potential and it would be bad if it was abandoned and not developed in main branch.

Thanks for sharing, it was both interesting and very informative (especially the breakdown part). BTW:

Quite interesting, indeed.
*Oh, God, make 'em dynamic! :wink:

Yep, very cool stuff!

“In the latest incarnation (not yet released), we support injecting light directly from the sky into the light volume with directional occlusion, which gives great results in shadowed areas and even for overcast scenes.”

I wonder when we’ll see this in UE4, maybe around 4.2 or so.

Cool stuff. Would like to see this completely integrated :wink:

yeh on top of that optimization and tips and tricks :D. im very grateful already to the guys at epic for providing with the fundamentals