Dynamic emissive glow

I’m creating some fully Raytraced dynamic interiors in 4.24. Is there a way to create glowing light strips that actually bounce light onto a floor? Or is this only achievable by static lighting? Thanks!

Right now ray tracing doesn’t support lighting from emissive materials (if it did you could apply an emissive material to a light strip mesh and it would actually emit light)
What you can do as an alternative, is to place actual lights there, for example the Spot and Point lights have length and radius values that can make the physical size larger. You can also use rect lights the same way.

Thanks darthviper I though that might still be the case!

SSGI is also an option, but it’s screen-space so it comes with the obvious limitations

Can this be achieved dynamically?

SSGI is Screen Space Global Illumination, it does it in real time, but there’s some drawbacks in that it’s going to have some errors since it can only work off what’s on screen at the time, and it’s still something that has a big performance impact.