Dynamic elements glowing

Hi there,

I’m very new to UE4, so sorry if this is a noob question.

I have built a scene and lit and textured it quite nicely, and have put together a simple opening door in the scene, which obviously had a dynamic element to it (the door)…

I understand that all of the other elements in the scene are being lit differently - I have tried checking the “Light As If Static” checkbox which makes the door look great when it’s closed, but when it opens, it turns black.The door has been properly UV mapped too, so no problems there…

I’ve not been able to find much online about this problem, but am assuming that it is pretty common for arch-vis

Any help or pointers would be appreciated.



[alt text][2]

Thanks Andrew, I’ll give that a try.


Hey Knickers,

Make sure the light in your scene is either Stationary or Movable to allow for dynamic lighting and shadows. Also be sure the door mesh itself is set to movable.


Hi there,

I tried setting all of the lights to Stationary, but when “Light as if Static” is checked, I still have the problem with the door turning black, and if it is not checked, the door glows.

Any thoughts?


Just to bump this problem a littl update:

I’ve had mixed successes with the Light as if Static function, but find that the door still gets dark when it is opened. The doors are a little better when I use a LightmassCharacterIndirectDetailVolumes around the door, but it still looks very pixelated when the door is open.

Is this really such an unusual situation? I am pretty sure I’m doing something wrong…

Any help or pointed would eb appreciated.


Hey ,

So try the suggestions below, and if you still are having issues afterwards we can try some other options. Also, if your door is moving and the object is changing significantly (door swinging open), then lighting issues are to be expected.

  • Try unchecking ‘Light as if Static’ on the door object and be sure your object is set to ‘Movable’
  • Next try opening your ‘World Settings’ and modifying some of the options under the ‘Lightmass’ section. Be sure you understand the settings before changing their values as this can change your scene drastically.
  • I would also make sure you don’t have too many stationary light overlaps as this could be overriding certain settings and the static contribution will be discarded.

Can you reproduce this in a blank project, or is it project specific? If you are able to reproduce it, provide me with some simple steps to follow and maybe a couple of screenshots so I can get the issue to occur on my end. You also mention the mesh is ‘glowing’, could I get a screenshot of this as well?


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the tip! It was overlapping lights that were causing the problem.

I’ve so much to learn!!!


Hi ,
i’ve got the same issue than you using 4.13, how did you correct this ?
I’ve got some dynamic objects in my scene that are “glowing” like your door.
In my scene i’ve got a light source (set as stationnary), a skylight (set as stationnary too, since it’s the best result so far), and most of the other lighting is made with emissive materials (area lights) on static objects.


Hi ,
to be honest, I never really got to the bottom of the problem - I was working against a (self-imposed) deadline, and couldn’t get a satisfactory outcome. I ended up just leaving the doors fixed open. You can see the end result here: [][1]

I’m currently working on a new project, and am determined to get dynamic doors opening.

I will let you know how I get on.