Dynamic Character Shadows, prebaked static lighting

Is it possible to have dynamic shadows for characters & specific actors whilst retaining prebaked lighting for everything else? Which is more like how lighting is handled in UE3.

Yes, any objects set to static will use pre-baked lighting. Objects that are set to moveable will use fully dynamic lighting.

I’ve got a movable static mesh lit by a static directional light that’s currently being moved by a Matinee.

both ‘Cast Shadow’ and ‘Cast Dynamic Shadow’ are ticked within the SM’s properties, but it’s not generating any shadows.

Does the Static Directional Light need any of its default settings changed to do this?

There’s no Lighting Channels in UE4 so I don’t know how to create Character and Geometry only lighting.

With Stationary Point and Spot lights anything that is static will get baked shadows with lightmaps.

However, with Directional lighting cascaded shadow maps will take over within a specified distance when using the Stationary Directional.

Using a Static Directional light will not use any dynamic lighting for any movable object. It will not allow any dynamic shadows to be cast, however the volume lighting samples that are used will light the dynamic character in the static environment to give correct lighting for the movable object in the statically lit world.

One option that may work, that I’ve not used or tested myself, may be to use the Stationary Directional Light. Set your Dynamic lighting distance that you would like. Select all the meshes in your scene that you want to use static lighting only and in the details panel disable “Cast Dynamic Shadows.”

I hope that helps.


Thank you Tim, I’ll give that a go.