Dynamic beams and ribbons (in either Cascade or Niagara) after 4.21?

I’m trying to have either a beam or a ribbon with a dynamically-updated (every frame) start and end position.

Niagara doesn’t seem to support this yet. I have tried using both the Set Parameter and Set Variable nodes in blueprint on my Niagara system, but this only works for the first frame and not any subsequent ones.

I would use Cascade, but Epic broke Cascade beams and ribbons in 4.21. Somehow this is backlogged, presumably because they are busy working on Niagara…but what am I supposed to use in the meantime? I would be fine with them basically telling me to switch over to Niagara, but it seems a little odd for them to break Cascade and refuse to fix it while Niagara is still lacking a lot of the original functionality. I feel like I am just missing something but I have been unable to find a good solution.

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