Dynamic Arrays suddenly doesen't work or something.

Suddenly my unreal script got messed up and things stop working variables unaccessible and much more and ghost variables… help!! No idea on what should I do.

the easy way: roll back to an older version of your code

Agreed, just rollback until you have a stable build, then review the commit that caused the issue.

You guys probably go with perforce, don’t you? I know a little bit how to use it but not much.

Get the latest revision and such. And I fixed some stuff too on not so much “past ages” like not long ago you know.

I don’t use Perforce for version control, instead have a separate system for large files backup. I use git for all my code (as i guess most do).

I run my own GitLab server for everything: code, assets, and levels. That has saved me from disaster more than once. I found out that if you copy a landscape and paste it in another level, that breaks the level you copied from, the level you copy into, and the persistent level that contains them, and you can no longer even open the persistent level (i.e., my whole game) to try to fix it.

Nathaniel3W](User Profile - Unreal Engine Forums) we are using 4 landscapes in one map they work fine. to edit each landscape you must choose which one your going to edit. at the top there is a pull down in landscape editor that lets you choose which landscape you want to edit. you can only edit one at a time, not all at once.