Dynamic animated texture - 2D map

Greetings from Germany,

A friend and I are working on a simulation that deals with cities, fields and forests. Here we have 3 simple values. These indicate in percent how much area of ​​the respective value is to be rendered on a 2D image.
These values ​​are dynamically changeable. Alltogether the values are at 100%. It will result in an animation in 2D - where a simple map is showing towns, forests and fields.

While you influence the values, the cities will grow oder shrink - as well as the forests or fields.
First we had a solution related to gradient-maps, which, however, only served as a prototype. In this case, we have 3 single gradient maps for each variable (city, forest, fields) Each variable is only rendered if the value is smaller than the value in the gradient map.

We have the problem that we can not pinpoint where the forest is growing or when it should replace the city / fields.
A solution to that is, that we have exact greyscale values for each pixel regarding to the variables. At 2 values, for example Forest and city, this seems to be no problem via gradient-map. With 3 variable values ​​that influence each other, we are currently unable to find a solution.

The called method is time consuming and not efficent. We want to have a solution, where everything is acting dynamically, without having a circle-growing environment or where the different variables - e.g. forest, fields, cities - hampering or overlapping each other. Maybe someone of you has an idea? Thanks, maybe we get some input here :slight_smile: