Dynamic ambient lighting (not LPV and not VXGI) - is something available in UE4 ?

I am wondering how one would light up a procedurally generated dungeon (or terrain with dynamically/randomly placed buildings) so that it’s not only lit with direct lighting, but also has decent ambient lighting.

I recall that in the past, before LPV, some engines used IBL (image based lighting; using blended cubemaps) for “dynamic” ambient lighting.

What can be used in UE4 in lieu of LPV and VXGI?


For what target platform?

PC/XB1/potentially PS4

This is really fast and dynamic tehcnique. It works well if you have flat floor/terrain. It’s also really simple on math side. To make this work on UE4 you just need to use SceneCapture2D and CanvasRenderTarget with some blueprint code. When you have some sort of indirect light texture you just need to combine that with albedo and output to emissive channel.

I see. That wouldn’t work for a procedurally generated level though (especially not for a dungeon).

Why not? What kind of dungeon you have?

You said “It works well if you have flat floor/terrain”. Dungeon isn’t flat nor terrain :slight_smile:

Plus I am not a programmer / shader wizard. I’d prefer something that’s already in UE4 or available as a plugin.

I meant ground plane of dungeon. Most of the dungeons in games has very flat ground. Just show what you have and I can point you to right direction.

Don’t have anything yet. In the planning stage.

It would FPS game, so dungeon isn’t going to be flat. It will be a multifloor dungeon (or planning to have it that way at least).