Dying Light Style Light Streaks?

So, I’ve recently been playing Dying Light and wanted to recreate a specific lighting feature from the game. I think it’s called Chromatic Abberation or Atmospheric Scattering or something like that. It looks a little something like this:hqdefault.jpg
See how the fire has that lens flare ish look, almost like light rays, but are dynamic towards it? Whether it can be created by blueprint or by editing the engine code, I would love to recreate this effect. It gives things a slightly darker tone, which is perfect because I’m striving to make a horror type game. If someone can help me out that would be awesome :smiley:

It looks more like a custom bloom effect… Maybe with some post processing shader you could do that. But I don’t know much more than that…

Chromatic Aberration is the color distortion near the edges of the image caused by real lenses optics. UE4 has the option to simulate this by default.

I actually want to achieve the same effect too.

You could do something similar to this by using a Dirt Mask but it’s not going to be as accurate, as the further you get from the glowing material the bigger the mask gets.
I don’t think you can replicate it perfectly without going deeper into the engine.


The engine lacks good customization in lens flares. Just one method, and it doesn’t work for all game types. We need this, anamorphic lens flares, etc.

Hm okay, thanks for the help guys! And I agree joshezzell, I would love to see more customization with lens flares. Unlike quite a lot of people I love lens flares, they look awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried binding this parameter to view size and screen percentage? This would allow you to control the artifact width dynamically (and do things such as keep it the same size no matter the distance and screen resolution.)


Hm, I should have a look into this. Thanks JBaldwin :smiley: Combining the two culd give me a good result maybe

How did you create the dirt mask btw? I’d quite like to know :stuck_out_tongue:

The dirt mask is just a regular texture. The word “mask” is a bit misleading, since it’s rather just a picture of dirt and smudges. Imagine having your camera’s lens dirty and smeared, that’s what it should look.
There’s a dirt mask texture included in the UE4 engine files, called T_Screendirt02_w that you can put into the Dirt Mask window under Bloom in your PostProcessVolume to see how it works. You have to set the intensity pretty high to see it, since this particular image is pretty dark.