DX12 editor error black screen

When I enable dx12 in a project the editor window bugs out and goes completely black and the menus get all messed up as well. I have made sure that windows is current and my nvidia drivers are current. I’m running an RTX 2080.
I’ve tested this in versions 4.23 4.24 4.25


I’ve further tested this with versions 4.22,4.23,4.24 and 4.25. They all behave the same. When enabling dx12 the editor windows bugs out.

Fixed this by going in the Nvidia Settings and turning off MFAA as per this post from last year.

Editor is still getting black! GTX 2070 4.25+ all off

There is a solution??
I have this menu issue after 10/15 minutes. I have 4.26.1
My issue in 2 different pc build

Amd 5900x / RTX 3090/ 64 gb ram
Amd 1950x/ 2x RTX 2090ti / 64 gb ram

With and without ray tracing.